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taxpartner latest news updates 
March 2022 
taxpartner advises on UK restructuring for US inbound group 
February 2022 
taxpartner advises on divestment by UK PLC 
January 2022 
taxpartner appointed to undertake annual tax compliance for luxury brand UK PLC 
December 2021 
taxpartner appointed by Private Equity green technology start-up 
November 2021 
taxpartner appointed by UK brickmaking PLC 
October 2021 
taxpartner advises on deductibility of share disposal costs 
September 2021 
taxpartner advises on group restructuring for British food manufacturer 
August 2021 
taxpartner undertakes payroll tax review for UK defence company 
July 2021 
taxpartner undertakes due diligence review of potential acquisition for FTSE 250 client 
June 2021 
taxpartner appointed to prepare tax accounting for Zellis Group 
May 2021 
taxpartner undertakes UK VAT review for inbound client 
April 2021 
taxpartner advises on application of tax residency rules under the UK/US Tax Treaty including competent authority MAP 
March 2021 
taxpartner advises on application of thin capitalisation and hybrid legislation 
February 2021 
taxpartner undertakes tax due diligence on UK acquisition by multinational 
January 2021 
taxpartner advises on VAT issues arising from Brexit 
December 2020 
taxpartner advises on share option net settlement arrangements 
November 2020 
taxpartner reviews tax treatment of accounting changes for securitisation vehicles 
October 2020 
taxpartner assists client with tax impact of correction of historic non-UK GAAP compliant accounts 
September 2020 
taxpartner advises on impact of new lease accounting standard IFRS 16 
August 2020 
taxpartner engaged by Boston Scientific for UK tax compliance 
July 2020 
taxpartner assists with annual payroll reporting and Employment Related Securities filings 
June 2020 
taxpartner assists with tax deferral and Time to Pay arrangements 
May 2020 
taxpartner assists with Covid-19 job retention scheme 
April 2020 
taxpartner completes impromptu corporation tax return project for large automotive manufacturer 
March 2020 
taxpartner undertakes review of National Insurance Certificates of Coverage for Japanese ex-pats 
February 2020 
taxpartner advises on liquidation of Jersey Controlled Foreign Company 
January 2020 
taxpartner prepares RDEC claim for large bakery company 
December 2019 
taxpartner undertakes acquisition cost review 
November 2019 
taxpartner assists with multi-year historic HMRC enquiry 
October 2019 
taxpartner undertakes P11D preparation project for 40,000 employee company 
September 2019 
taxpartner advising clients on issues arising from employees with more than one permanent workplace 
August 2019 
taxpartner advises Biotech company on funding round with EIS Advance Assurance application 
July 2019 
taxpartner implements new employee expenses policy for UK distributor business 
June 2019 
taxpartner runs Senior Accounting Officer workshops for FTSE 250 company 
May 2019 
taxpartner negotiates voluntary disclosure settlement with HMRC re payroll tax reporting 
April 2019 
taxpartner engaged by VC-backed professional services group 
March 2019 
taxpartner advises groups on application of new brought forward loss rules and allocation statements 
February 2019 
taxpartner provide transaction support on corporate disposal involving Entrepreneur’s Relief 
January 2019 
taxpartner advise on VAT recovery review on M&A and refinancing transaction fees 
December 2018 
taxpartner conducts expenses and benefits review for UK electronics distributor 
November 2018 
taxpartner appointed to provide maternity cover for UK PLC 
October 2018 
taxpartner manages Senior Accounting Officer reporting for FTSE 250 company 
September 2018 
taxpartner appointed tax agent to FTSE 250 company 
August 2018 
taxpartner advise on VAT and capital allowances on property acquisition by listed client 
July 2018 
taxpartner complete R&D claim for software SME 
June 2018 
taxpartner advises FTSE 250 company on corporate acquisition cost deductibility and VAT recovery 
May 2018 
taxpartner appointed tax agent to large UK pharmacy chain 
April 2018 
taxpartner advises on new Corporate interest restriction 
March 2018 
taxpartner engaged to undertake advisory project on leasing 
February 2018  
taxpartner undertakes VAT systems review for UK plc 
January 2018 
taxpartner concludes Short Term Business Visitor review for listed client 
December 2017 
taxpartner advises on Criminal Finance Act 2017 
November 2017 
taxpartner concludes successful R&D claim for software development company 
October 2017 
taxpartner advises on Country by Country Reporting and tax strategy publication 
September 2017 
taxpartner appointed tax agent by outbound UK plc 
August 2017 
taxpartner undertakes aspect payroll tax review for FTSE 250 company 
July 2017 
taxpartner completes Transfer Pricing Study for German-inbound client 
June 2017 
taxpartner engaged to complete 2,600 P11Ds for large facilities management company 
May 2017 
taxpartner completes Research & Development Expenditure Credit claim for US-inbound client 
April 2017 
taxpartner advises on distributor transfer pricing for Japanese-inbound client 
March 2017 
taxpartner advises on payroll tax operation on ratchet share option exercises 
February 2017 
taxpartner advises on Entrepreneur’s Relief 
January 2017 
taxpartner assists with Group VAT inspection 
December 2016 
taxpartner advises on Consortium relief rules 
November 2016 
taxpartner undertakes capital allowance review of new property acquisition 
October 2016 
taxpartner prepares Enterprise Investment Scheme applications 
September 2016 
taxpartner undertakes Transfer Pricing review for UK subsidiary of a German parent 
August 2016 
taxpartner provides advice on the Disregard Regulations 
July 2016 
taxpartner appointed as tax agents to Radius Global Growth Experts 
June 2016 
taxpartner provides tax advice on accounting conversion to FRS 101 and FRS 102 
May 2016 
taxpartner appointed as tax agents to Abaco Systems Ltd 
April 2016 
taxpartner provides interactive client tax workshops on VAT and corporation tax 
March 2016 
taxpartner provides tax compliance advice to Dingmedia Ltd 
February 2016 
taxpartner undertakes tax compliance project for leading FTSE 250 company 
January 2016 
taxpartner advises on implications of new UK GAAP on deductibility of intangible assets 
December 2015 
taxpartner appointed as tax advisors to Eberspaecher UK 
November 2015 
taxpartner undertakes capital allowance review of new recycling facility 
October 2015 
taxpartner advises on refinancing and company acquisition of owner-managed business 
September 2015 
taxpartner undertakes R&D tax credit project for software development business 
August 2015 
taxpartner advises on tax implications of debt for equity swap 
July 2015 
taxpartner undertakes thin capitalisation review for private equity group 
June 2015 
taxpartner provides tax structuring advice on lease transactions 
May 2015 
taxpartner undertakes capital allowance project on new build premises 
April 2015 
taxpartner advises on IPO including IFRS conversion for short and long form reports 
March 2015 
taxpartner assists with VAT recovery on transaction costs 
February 2015 
taxpartner advises on property acquisitions and capital allowance claims, including the new fixtures rules 
January 2015 
taxpartner appointed as tax agents to Avon Group Manufacturing 
As part of a $2bn global business our needs are complex and Roland always does a great job in providing clarity, vision and a considered approach to our tax work. 
Rob Woodbridge, UK Finance Director, Herman Miller 
Quick response times, excellent knowledge and advice and well suited to our UK tax requirements. 
Jonathan Rhodes, Finance Director, XP Power 
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